Mike Pence to Fraud-Concerned Supporter: Revolution Not a Good Idea

Mike Pence durin speech

During a campaign stop Tuesday night in Iowa, a Trump supporter told Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence Americans should stage a revolution if Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton won the November elections. In response, Pence dismissed the idea.

The supporter is a woman who has purportedly spent “all day, every day” on social media debating Clinton supporters and “pushin’” Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump since June, 2016.

Pence Confronts Angry Supporter

The woman, Ronda, said she was really concerned about voter fraud in this election. She added Americans lives depend on the election and so does America’s future. Ronda concluded that if Clinton wins she would personally be ready for a “revolution” because America “can’t have her in.”

“Don’t say that,”

Pence told Ronda trying to chase away the bare idea of a revolution with a slight wave of his hand.

But the woman did not give up. She said she was very much like Trump since she speaks for people and says the truth. Cheers from the crowd followed her remark.

Pence kept his calm and told her that no revolution was going to happen on Nov. 8. “I promise you,” he added. The woman looked disappointed. She then asked him how would Trump voters “safeguard” their votes.

His response was rather dry, although logic. The Indiana governor told Ronda to either become a poll watcher or be a volunteer at a polling location. In his view, the only way a voter could ensure the integrity of the election process is to get involved in the process.

Pence on Trump’s Tape Scandal

Pence is currently trying to dismiss rumors that he may leave Trump camp in the wake of a monster scandal around a 11-year-old tape. In the 2005 recording, you can hear Donald Trump make sexist jokes and lewd comments on forcefully kissing and groping “beautiful women.”

A few days ago, Pence acknowledged the words and actions described in the recording “offended” him. But he so far did not revoke his support of the billionaire. Instead he defended him on any interview he could.

For instance, during a discussion on foreign policy, the moderator asked Pence what piece of advice he would give a distressed 11-year-old girl. The girl reportedly had visited the studio and said Trump’s public comments on women made her “feel bad about [herself].” Pence replied the solution was electing Trump.

In his view, Trump will be much better at defending America and its children from ISIS attacks than Clinton. He also criticized the Democrat’s “weak and feckless foreign policy” during her time as secretary of state.

When in another public talk he was asked about several women’s allegations that Trump sexually harassed them, the Indiana governor told the moderator he believed the Republican candidate when he said he didn’t do such things.

Nevertheless, his comments in Iowa revealed he doesn’t agree with Trump on every issue. For instance, his stance on voter fraud rumors is very different than Trump’s. While Trump has often told supporters the elections may be rigged in his rivals’ favor, Pence thinks supporters should better focus on the election.

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