Hypocrite Trump Ignores USA Attack; Top Adviser Blames It On the Left

White House Adviser Sebastian Gorka

Trump’s top adviser Sebastian Gorka thinks last Saturday’s mosque attack in Minnesota, which Governor Mark Dayton described as an “act of terrorism,” could have been staged by the left. Idiot…

White House Remains Silent on Mosque Attack

Gorka’s comments come after the White House failed to issue an official statement on the issue, prompting the Council on American-Islamic Relations to say that the Trump administration’s refusal to condemn it can only encourage Islamophobes.

On Tuesday, Gorka replied to MSNBC’s bafflement that the White House hadn’t commented. He promised a response would come when there is a “finalized investigation.”

He pointed out that all initial reports are false, so they need to be checked first. Gorka revealed that many of the alleged hate crimes in the past six months were red flags as the real perpetrators turned out to be left-wingers, not right-wingers.

Let’s allow the local authorities to provide their assessment, and then the White House will make its comments,

Gorka said.

Funnily enough, Trump has commented on the Paris car terrorist attack but not the attack on our home soil,


Gorka Peddling Controversial Conspiracy Theory

In other words, Gorka just embraced the conspiracy theory that the left is staging hate crimes and blame them on the right. Earlier this year, there was a case of a Jewish man with left-leanings who threatened to bomb the synagogues in the U.S., but he is suspected of being mentally ill. Because you know, we’re all in this together.

MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle wouldn’t let Gorka get away that easily. She noted that after the London attack, Trump issued a public comment even though the investigation into it was still ongoing.

The official replied that Muslim terrorists usually carry out attacks that are “unequivocally clear.” He noted that when somebody shouts “Allahu Akbar!” before killing a cop, it’s crystal clear that it wasn’t the mob robbing a bank. Really? I thought that was a greeting and was shouting it to every Muslim I know.

Gorka underscored that the fake hate crimes in recent months prompted the White House to be more prudent when condemning an attack before knowing for sure who the real authors were.



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