Miss Texas Has Internet Exploding Over Her Charlottesville Response

Miss Texas Margana Wood

Miss Texas, Margana Wood, impressed the audience with her firm response to a question about what her opinion was on Trump’s handling of the Charlottesville attack.

Wood and other contestants had to pass the swimsuit, talent, and evening gown portions before the jury could test if their brains can be a match to their looks. The contestants took part in two rounds of questions. In her second round, Miss Texas was asked to give an honest opinion on the Charlottesville attack and the President’s initial reaction to it.

In August, a protest to keep a Confederate monument in place in Charlottesville, VA, turned violent after a Neo-Nazi rammed a Dodge into a counter-protester which resulted in her death. Instead of denouncing Neo-Nazism, the President said the blame lies with “both sides.” In a later conference, he noted that protesters and counter-protesters alike had some “very fine people” in their crowds.

“Were there? Tell me yes or no, and explain,”

Woods was asked.

Miss Texas replied that the incident was very obviously a terrorist attack, and the President should have condemned white supremacists to ensure that all Americans feel safe in their own country. “That is the number one issue right now,” the Miss America contestant concluded.

Wood’s response went quickly viral for at least two reasons: she challenged the common belief that pageant contestants have rehearsed lines because their IQ doesn’t allow them to utter an original response. And number two – she is from Texas where 52% of registered voters voted Trump in last year’s election.

However, despite her answer, Wood failed to win the pageant on Sunday. The winner was Cara Mund from North Dakota, who also blasted Trump during her first round of questions for pulling the country out of the Paris climate accord. If you don’t want an honest answer, then don’t ask the question.
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