Woman Mistakes Labor for Kidney Stones, Delivers Her 4th Child

Parent holding baby by hand

A woman in Locust Grove, Georgia, was rushed to a hospital because what she thought were kidney stones, but 30 minutes later she learned she was in labor. She recalled the pain was so bad that she asked her husband to take her to the nearest ER unit. After a few hours, she delivered a healthy, full-term baby boy.

The woman said doctors initially ordered a CT scan, but after one doctor examined her belly, they changed their mind. Instead, they ordered an ultrasound to find the origin of the “cramps.”

The ultrasound revealed that Stephanie Jaegers was, in fact, pregnant and in labor. The news came as a shock, as the woman had been having her period the entire pregnancy. She even had a period when she arrived at the hospital.

Woman was Perimenopausal

In addition, she said a doctor had told her earlier this year that she was in perimenopause and chances for a pregnancy were extremely small. Perimenopausal women’s bodies prepare to enter menopause, so their periods can get irregular.

After some complications with her third pregnancy, another doctor had advised her not to have any more kids. But the newborn Shaun Jude Jaegers is perfectly healthy and was delivered at more than 38 weeks. Plus, his weight was seven pounds and three ounces at delivery.

Baby Shaun Jude Jaegers and dad
Baby Shaun and his father.

Doctors learned Shaun was sitting in an awkward position behind his mother’s ribs so the pregnancy went undetected. Furthermore, the new mom noted she had no clear symptoms such as morning sickness or weight gain. During her other pregnancies, she gained up to five pounds. But this time she was only moody which she thought was from perimenopause.

The news was a shock to everyone in the woman’s family, but the parents were the most puzzled.

“It’s hard when in like 30 minutes you learn that you are having a baby tonight,”

the woman said.

Stephanie said she did not know what to do since she had ditched all baby stuff. Fortunately, she had the baby car seat in the attic which was a surprise the family hadn’t thrown out.

Now her 11-year-old and 16-year-old could help her with the new baby boy. The parents said that they believe “everything is meant to be.” They added they were grateful for the “sweet little” addition to their family.

Rare Condition May Lead to Undetected Pregnancies

The case may seem shocking, but Stephanie is not the first mom to learn she is expecting hours before delivering. Early this summer, an Illinois woman was rushed to the hospital with severe ‘cramps.’ She delivered a baby at seven months, even though she had gone hiking a couple of weeks ago. Plus, she even lost weight during pregnancy. The new mom said the news was a “complete shock.”

Doctors said she had a rare condition called placenta previa which causes bleeding during pregnancy. So, the woman had thought that she was having her periods, even though they were irregular. Experts say the condition occurs in 1 percent of pregnancies. In addition, her baby girl was in a standing position so pregnancy went undetected as the belly remained flat.

Image Source: Pixabay