Mitch McConnell Is Celebrating Bannon’s Destruction


Even if the Republican-controlled Senate appears to be in jeopardy in 2018, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is elated that he may no longer have to contend with far-right Breitbart chief Steve Bannon.

The horribly disheveled “Sloppy Steve” Bannon may have written his own obituary after it was revealed he called Don Trump Jr’s Trump Tower meeting with Russians “treasonous,” which is just one of many insane excerpts in Michael Wolff’s tell-all book on the Trump 2016 Presidential Campaign and its tumultuous presidency thus far. Bannon’s seemingly disparaging comments naturally set Trump off, resulting in Bannon becoming a pariah among the neo-nazi fascist crowd he helped create for Trump.

As a result, Senate Leader McConnell and the GOP seem to think that their job in 2018 became slightly easier without Bannon to run alt-right insurgents against incumbent Republican senators. After all, it was Bannon’s gamble with serial pedophile Roy Moore that cost the GOP a winnable Senate seat in Alabama.

Taking that counter-argument out of the game here clears the path for a very clear-eyed political strategy for the year, said Scott Jennings, a Republican political strategist and former McConnell aide. Bannon would have dramatically complicated that.

This is not to assume that Mitch McConnel and his army of one-percenter kiss asses aren’t highly unpopular with the American people, especially after passing the tax scam. But let’s just say that it will be much harder for Bannon to rally for the destruction of administrative state now that he’s been ostracized and politically marginalized by Trump.

Josh Holmes, a top McConnell political lieutenant, said the president’s decision to banish Bannon should help the party’s unity efforts.

It repairs a divide that existed only because of Steve Bannon, he said. The party has largely been united — House, Senate, administration — and has been executing extremely well since Bannon’s departure from the White House. One exception to that has been Bannon’s activities on the outside.

Thankfully, this is not to say that the highly unpopular Republican-controlled Congress can suddenly win major 2018 races, but the Bannon’s  self-immolation means they can definitely sweat less.

Featured image via Gage Skidmore @Flickr