Morbidly Obese Woman Turns into Fitness Trainer after Losing 126 Lbs

Weight Loss Before-and-After Photo

A woman from Denmark whom doctors had declared “morbidly obese” when she was weighing 268 pounds has miraculously morphed into a personal trainer and fitness model after shedding 126 pounds in four years. The 22-year-old woman said her rapid change is mainly due to drastic changes in her diet and strenuous workouts.

Mathilde Broberg told reporters she followed the so-called “teaspoon diet,” an extreme form of dieting which requires eating food with a teaspoon. The strategy usually works and dieters eat less because they trigger their brain’s satiety cues a lot faster than they would on normal diets.

Broberg’s Story

Broberg recently told the Daily Mail more about her childhood and struggles with obesity. She said that as an obese child she was deprived of many activities kids her age participated in such as rising a bicycle or swimming. Even amusement parks at some point were no longer amusing. She often avoided roller-coasters because she was afraid she might make a fool of herself if she didn’t fit into the seat. She recalled she almost got kicked from one when they weren’t fasten her seat belt right.

Yet the moment when she decided that she really had to lose weight was when she saw a photo of her in a school production. She told to herself she couldn’t attend college with a figure like that. The beauty acknowledged being skinny was a completely new experience to her because she had always been fat. She recalled she often felt “trapped” in her own body which triggered feelings of self-loathing and made her depressed.

Initially, changing her lifestyle by 180 degrees was not easy. She said that her usual breakfast contained high-calorie foods such as buns with butter, and so did her lunch and dinner. It was very common for her to munch on huge portions of pasta sprinkled with fattening dressings and cheese, grilled sandwiches, several glasses of milk, and many cookies.

Her favorite snacks included chips, cookies, and cake. Her daily calories intake usually sat at 3,500 calories. She admitted her stomach size must have matched that of a horse on such a diet. In 2012, when she was 16-years-old, she decided to bid farewell to her last piece of cake. At the time she was size 22 and weighed more than 260 pounds. Her body mass index stood at 40.6 which marks morbid obesity.

There’s No ‘Perfect Time’ to Change

She said, however, the teaspoon diet was not enough. She began to train six times a week. In the meantime, she reduced her training sessions to only three times a week. Yet she never returned to her old eating habits. Her new diet includes a fat Greek yogurt, a banana and a granola for breakfast; a light soup for lunch and a small salad or vegetables for dinner. Her favorite snacks have become protein bars and apples or other low-calorie fruits.

Three and a half years later she weighed 125 pounds. In the meantime, she started a strenuous weight lifting program and put on 24 pounds. Her current weight is 148 lbs at 5’9”.

One huge lesson she has learned from the ordeal was that the skin will not follow the rest of the body when losing weight. She got rid of the excess skin around her waist in 2015, when she gained access to government funding for surgery.

Meanwhile, the woman turned into a fitness addict and her life experience helps her a lot in her work as personal trainer. She was also able to inspire dozens of people to lose weight via her Instagram account.

Don’t waist time on the right time to come [to lose weight] – there is no perfect time, you just have to start and never look back,

she wrote in a recent blog post.

Image Source: Flickr