Morning Joe Trashes Trump’s “Foolish” Meeting With Kim Jong-Un


Morning Joe hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski predicted on Friday morning that President Donald Trump’s meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un will be an embarrassing disaster.

Earlier this month, North Korea put denuclearization on the table during talks with South Korean officials, prompting a tweet by Trump in which he praised the progress but continued to threaten military action.

And then Kim Jong-Un invited Trump to meet with him during a summit, an invitation that Trump quickly accepted despite saying in the past that a meeting would require North Korea to denuclearize first.

Joe Scarborough called Trump’s eagerness to accept such a meeting a “fools rush in” moment because it’s clearly a move designed to distract from the Stormy Daniels scandal.

It worked because Trump’s planned meeting with North Korea is on the front page of newspapers instead of his affair with the porn star and the attempted cover-up.

Scarborough predicted that Trump will go into the meeting ill-prepared and prove how weak of a deal-maker he really is.

“We’ve been seeing this guy on the national stage now long enough to know that so often it’s just all talk, it’s all bluster,” Scarborough said. “He talks about the art of the deal, the deal never comes through.

“He’ll do what is easy,” Scarborough continued, going on to say that Trump is setting himself up to be bamboozled by an enemy. “He is horrible at making deals. That’s why the man ended up $9 billion in debt.”

Mika Brzezinski then delivered a hilarious observation about Trump’s deal-making skills.

“He can’t even make a deal with a porn star,” she said. “He doesn’t even sign the papers of the deal that he struck. Think about that.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Indeed, Trump really didn’t sign the non-disclosure agreement, which is why Stormy Daniels has filed a lawsuit declaring the agreement invalid.

But while Trump’s problems with Stormy Daniels will continue despite his success at keeping the scandal off the front page. For now, he is only compounding his problems by planning a meeting with Kim Jong-Un.

Several analysts warn that Trump is actually giving the North Korean leader a victory, not the other way around.

“North Korea has been seeking a summit with an American president for more than 20 years,” Middlebury Institute of International Studies arms control specialist Jeffrey Lewis said. “It has literally been a top foreign policy goal. Kim is inviting Trump to demonstrate that his investment in nuclear and missile capabilities has forced the United States to treat him as an equal.”

Another analyst said that North Korea is merely making a bid to “play for time” and Trump gave them exactly what they wanted. They have “no intention” of getting rid of the nuclear weapons.

In his desperation to distract from his personal scandals, Trump agreed to be the first sitting president to directly engage with the leader of North Korea. By doing so, Trump has already given Kim Jong-Un something he wants without getting anything in return and will likely be humiliated. Plus, Trump is at a serious disadvantage because he has very few people at his disposal with experience dealing with North Korea. Also, if Trump starts making threats off the cuff he could endanger the talks between North Korea and South Korea, or worse, start a war.

Whoever first said that Trump could start a war to distract from his domestic scandals is looking more like a prophet right now.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot