Watch: Mueller Has Joined With Local Enforcement on Investigation

special counsel mueller

There’s some new news on Robert Mueller’s end and it’s pretty good stuff. Mueller has teamed up with New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman in the ongoing investigation of Paul Manafort.

Manafort Under Investigation

Manafort hasn’t been accused of any wrongdoing but he is being probed by Mueller for his finances and past lobbying work with ties to Russia. Schneiderman has been conducting his own investigation into Manafort’s real estate meddling. Mueller’s team and Schneiderman have been in contact in the recent weeks and has gathered evidence on potential money laundering among other possible financial crimes according to a Politico report. The investigation could help Mueller in the overall Russia probe. After Arpaio’s pardon last week that shows Americans that Trump won’t be afraid to pardon anyone with ties to the Russia investigation. Luckily the president does not have pardoning power over states so this could benefit Mueller and force Manafort to talk. The Politico report comes a day after CNN reported Mueller had subpoenaed Manafort’s spokesperson and former attorneys.

Now with Schneiderman’s help hopefully this will all be put to rest soon and these crooks will be behind bars.

Source: The Hill