This Is It – Mueller Verifies Comey’s Testimony


Special counsel Robert Mueller III has been working tirelessly to discover whether President Donald Trump is guilty of obstruction of justice. He has uncovered many details about the extent of corruption within the Trump administration.

New Discoveries

Chief among his discoveries is that Trump sent White House attorney Donald F. McGahn II on a special mission in March 2017. His job was to try to convince Attorney General Jeff Sessions not to recuse himself from the investigation into collusion with Russia during the Trump campaign. Sessions had been a senior member of the Trump campaign.

Sessions recused himself from the investigation after public pressure concerning his obvious conflict of interest in the matter. Trump went ballistic. Totally misunderstanding the role of Attorney General, Trump felt that Sessions needed to stay in the investigation to protect him. Trump felt betrayed by Sessions.

Mueller was appointed in May 2017, by deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein. The appointment followed Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey. Trump had asked Comey to swear loyalty to him, and Comey declined. Comey had filed memos of conversations with Trump prior to his firing. Those meetings were later discussed by Comey during congressional testimony.

Trump has denounced the entire Comey testimony, stating that it was “fabricated and politically motivated.” According to a blockbuster report in The New York Times:

Mr. Mueller has also substantiated claims that Mr. Comey made in a series of memos describing troubling interactions with the president before he was fired in May.

This Won’t Make Trump Happy

Having the contents of the Comey memos validated is the worst possible news for Trump. Among the corroborating evidence are handwritten notes from former White House chief of staff, Reince Priebus. Those notes state that Trump discussed the Comey meetings with Priebus and that Trump had urged Comey to make a public statement that he was not under investigation.

Trump’s staff attempted to “find dirt” on Comey to undermine the FBI investigation prior to Comey being fired. It will be interesting to watch this unfold. Mueller appears to be getting closer to resolving the many questions surrounding the Russian collusion and Trump’s alleged obstruction of justice.

White House lawyers are not commenting on this latest breaking news. They continue to maintain that Trump has fully cooperated with Mueller’s investigation. They still have confidence that the president will be exonerated. The rest of the world will be watching for the 3:00 a.m. Twitter explosion when Trump learns of these latest developments.

Watch as Rachel Maddow sheds additional light on the latest bombshell announcements:

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