My Kind of Town: Trump Sends ‘the Feds’ to Chicago


For years Chicago has had a bit of a crime epidemic. Shootings and deaths have reached epic proportions and law enforcement needs some help. Trump took to Twitter months ago saying he would send in ‘the Feds’ to help reduce Chicago’s crime and murder rate. Now he’s finally doing something about it.

Is He Actually Helping?

Authorities reported to The Chicago Sun-Times that about 20 additional agents with the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives have been sent to the Windy City. Attorney General Sessions and Trump appeared on Friday to confirm this while commenting about the crime on the city’s streets.

ATF agents are working with the Chicago Police Department and Illinois State Police on a strike force that uses ballistic technology to hunt down gun traffickers and solve shootings. U.S. Attorney’s and Cook County Attorney’s have been assigned to the task force to decide whether or not suspects in gun crimes should be charged in federal or state court. But is Trump actually doing something about this or just giving former President Obama the middle finger? President Obama first came up with the idea back in November to help clean up his hometown streets. Trump will probably tweet about it saying he’s getting more done than Obama did about the crime rate…yeah, whatever.

Nevertheless, the strike force is in Chicago permanently and the crime rate has already significantly dropped in high-crime areas such as the Englewood and Harrison districts. Intelligence centers use gunshot sensor technology, street intelligence, and video feeds to help direct law enforcement to hot bed areas.

Obviously, Trump would want to clean up the Chicago streets. After all, he does have a Trump Tower there. How can he steal people’s money and have prestigious citizens stay in his hotel if they’re too afraid to enter the city?

Source: The Chicago Sun-Times