Watch: Former National Intelligence Director Questions Trump’s Ability

President Donald Trump

Many people have questioned whether or not Trump is fit to be president. After the rally in Arizona last night, that affirmation has never been more clear according to the former Director of National Intelligence.

Clapper Says He’s “Looking For A Way Out”

CNN contributor and former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, questions if Trump is really fit for the presidency. Clapper also said Trump seems to be “looking for a way out” of the presidency. We have one simple idea for you Trump: resign.

“I really question his ability, his fitness to be in this office and I also am beginning to wonder about his motivation for it,” Clapper said. “Maybe he is looking for a way out.”

“I do wonder, as well about the people that attracted to this — to this rally as others. You know, what are they thinking? Or why am I so far off base? Because I don’t understand the adulation. Of course, that’s why I think he gravitated to having this rally as ill-timed as it is,” Clapper said.

“You said you questioned his fitness. Is he a threat to national security? The president?” Lemon asked.

“Well, he certainly could be. Again, having some understanding of the levers that a president can exercise, I worry about, frankly, you know, the access to the nuclear codes,” Clapper answered.

We too worry about an unfit child having nuclear access codes that can destroy the world. If you’d like to see the video, you can find it here.

Source: RealClear Politics