Neo-Nazi-linked ‘Power Couple’ To Help Shape Trump’s Policy on Middle East

Sebastian Gorka

Sebastian Gorka, an anti-terrorism expert with ties to a Hungary-based Neo-Nazi organization, is still working for Trump even though the administration had pledged to fire him. Also, earlier this week, Gorka’s wife, Katherine, was given a permanent, full-time position as an advisor in the Department of Homeland Security’s policy office.

The Gorkas’ Anti-Muslim Views

The pair was described as the new administration’s ‘power couple’ as they had a significant influence on the U.S. policy regarding the war on terrorism and the Middle East. Mrs. Gorka shares her husband’s Islamophobic views and co-authors most of his books and speeches. Mr. Gorka acknowledged in a recent interview that his wife is his “closest collaborator.”

Under President Obama, Mrs. Gorka criticized the White House and the DHS for instructing their employees that Islam is a “religion of peace.” At the time, she suggested that the war against Islamic extremism is not won because it is not even fought.

In 2014, she wrote an article for Breitbart News in which she defended several Republican members of Congress who touted that idea that Muslim extremists were influencing the federal government’s policies and that Hillary Clinton’s senior assistant Huma Abedin was secretly working for the Muslim Brotherhood, which Gorka described as a terrorist group.

Gorka and Bannon’s Close Collaboration

Mr. Gorka is currently working as Trump’s deputy assistant, interacting with the president’s chief strategist Steve Bannon on a daily basis. Both Gorka and Bannon worked for the ultra-conservative news outlet Breitbart News. Gorka is also an active member of Bannon’s “think tank,” the Strategic Initiatives Group.

People familiar with the matter said Trump had sought Gorka’s counsel before he signed the executive order placing a travel ban on nearly all Muslim visitors. Gorka still thinks the policy could help secure U.S. borders, even though the measure is now blocked in the nation’s courts.

Msa. Gorka has been working for the DHS since Trump was sworn in, but this week she was given a permanent position within the department.

Image Source: Flickr