North Carolina Repeals Controversial Law After Boycotts

Bathroom sign on the door

After an entire year full of protests, boycotts and the fall of a governor, it seems like North Carolina’s infamous House Bill 2 was finally killed. On Thursday, Gov. Roy Cooper, a Democrat, repealed the law after a hard fight with legislators. The House Bill 2 or the “bathroom law,” did not allow municipalities to put into practice anti-discrimination policies. Apart from this, it forced transgender people to go to the bathroom which corresponded to the gender written on their birth certificate. The law would have effected all public and government bathrooms. 

Bathroom law repealed

According, to the new law, the General Assembly is now allowed to regulate the access to restrooms and showers intended for multiple occupancies. Apart from that, a moratorium on nondiscrimination ordinances is in effect until 2020. During a Thursday news conference, Roy Coper stated that this new deal is going to repair the economic damages done by the cancellation of some sports events by the N.C.A.A. They already moved from the state an entire year of championship tournament games. They were also going to eliminate more, even some basketball games. Gay rights groups harshly criticized the repeal and conservatives did it too, by saying that it did not protect public safety and the traditional values.

However, Cooper specified that this repeal is not the ideal solution. He said that with the help of a good General Assembly, the law would have been completely repealed and instead, new protections for the LGBT people from North Carolina would have been added. The National Basketball Association relocated their All-Star Game to New Orleans as a protest against the bill. Now, the N.C.A.A. president, Mark Emmert, said that it remains to be seen and analyzed if the league is going to move the games back to North Carolina.

The cause of many controversies

PayPal canceled their expansion to Charlotte because of this bathroom law, last April. Now, the company did not make any comments on the situation. Apart from them, many celebrities and corporations publicly said that they were going to boycott the state because of this controversial law. They also did not have anything to say about the recent repeal. Many people believe that the law was finally repealed because of the fear of losing, even more, sports events. The state would have missed a lot of money, and nobody wanted that. Also, the continued boycotts were affecting businesses.

However, on Thursday, when this bathroom law was eliminated, not many people celebrated it. Many gay rights groups immediately deemed the deal as being completely “fake.” According to them, this so-called “repeal” did not erase the most important and dangerous parts of the law. Other groups even called it “shameful.” It remains to be seen what is going to happen next, as the situation is still tense.

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