The NSA Warned France

Russia President Vladimir Putin

Just like in the U.S., hackers leaked a dump of emails from France’s presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron onto the Internet just days before the Election Day, hoping to compromise him. NSA director Michael Rogers recently told Congress that his agency has evidence the hack was at least in part sponsored by Russia.

NSA Warns France

Earlier this week, Rogers told the Senate’s Armed Forces Committee that his agency had warned the French government days before the election that hackers breached Macron’s campaign servers. The NSA chief said the U.S. intelligence community gave the French a “heads-up,” telling them that the Russians penetrated some of their “infrastructure” days before the news was made public.

Rogers wouldn’t elaborate on what the “infrastructure” may be, but he likely pointed to an election infrastructure. On Friday, Macron’s camp revealed the candidate had been the victim of a “massive, coordinated act of hacking.” The French did not put the blame on Russia, but experts suspected that Moscow or other foreign government orchestrated the attack.

Macron Camp’s Servers Eyed by DNC Hackers

Cyber security experts at Trend Micro revealed in late April that the same group of hackers behind the DNC hack in the U.S. launched a finely coordinated attack on a Microsoft storage service used by Macron.

Furthermore, the metadata attached to the stolen emails published as torrent files last week was in Cyrillic, a writing system used by Russian speakers. The metadata reportedly included the name of an employee of Eureka, a major contractor to the Russian intelligence.

However, when Trend Micro made the disclosure, Macron’s camp denied having been hacked. On Tuesday, however, Rogers erased any trace of doubt about the Russian involvement in the French election, when he told Sen. John McCain that when it comes to France, there is no “reduction in the Russian behavior” of trying to influence the outcome of an election.
Image Source: Wikimedia