Oakland Neighborhood Responds To Racism In The Best Possible Way

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A couple of weeks ago, a woman called the police on the Black family for much the same reason the manager did in the Starbucks – they were Black in a public space, and a racist seemingly couldn’t handle it.

This time, however, area residents responded, and it was a thing of beauty.


The incident sparked a hashtag campaign called #cookingoutwhileblack, but that’s not all.

In response to the blatant racism, residents threw a BBQ in that same park and filled the space with people, food, music, laughter, and love. Instead of creating more division, this time, a hateful incident sparked a massive cookout that celebrated unity most deliciously – as a community.

In videos shot the day of the BBQ, residents are dancing, jumping rope, chatting, and having a good time with each other. Something we don’t see very often, these days.


According to the Huffington Post, Oakland City Councilmember Lynette Gibson McElhaney joined the voices against the woman’s racist call to the cops. McElhaney said:

“Police are not private security for any white person that’s offended by the presence of Black folks in our public spaces.”

The day the police were called on the family, the family did not receive a citation. However, police did detain and question them for well over an hour. The incident no doubt ruined their entire day.

Unless you live under a rock, you know that these days, it doesn’t always end so well when cops show up, and Black people are involved. Thank goodness, this time, no one lost their lives.


This incident is only the latest in what is becoming quite a long line of phone calls made to police because a racist didn’t want to share their space with someone who isn’t white. Along with the incident in the Philadelphia Starbucks, a student at Yale dozed off in her common room, and a fellow student called the police.

After the police showed up, the graduate student had to prove that she lived there. The list, sadly, grows nearly every day.

According to data collected by The Guardian, it shows that Black Americans have a much higher chance of being shot by police than white Americans. Calling the police on a Black person places them in real danger.

  • In 2015, a lady in Texas called the police on Black teenagers having a pool party. When police showed up, they violently body slammed a young Black girl there. Residents later posted signs thanking the police for “keeping them safe.”
  • In Ohio, a Black man named John Crawford was shot and killed by police in a Walmart. Crawford was holding a plastic gun. Police said he was waving it around. Video surveillance proved that was a lie.


While the list of racial incidents is daunting, the take here should be one of hope. Instead of allowing the hate just to fall away, the residents of Oakland decided to do it differently.

Until the day comes when we can all barbeque in peace, we will continue to fight for real equality for all here at Pale Blue News.

Check out the video of the cookout here:

This how we feel about mad ass Oakland gentrifiers

Posted by Michael Swanson Jr. on Thursday, May 10, 2018

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