Obama and Trump Bury the Hatchet: ‘We Have a Really Good Chemistry’

Obama and Trump in the Oval Office

In a recent NBC interview President-elect Donald Trump seemed ready to bury the hatchet with President Obama. Trump said Wednesday that now that he knows him better he “really like[s] him.’

“We have, […] I can’t speak for him, but we have a really good chemistry together. We talk,”

the real estate billionaire said on NBC’s “Today.”

The statements came as a huge surprise after months of hurling insults at one another on the campaign trail. But as one wise man once said: “All is fair in love and war.”

Trump ‘Really Likes’ Obama

On Wednesday, Trump continued the praise the outgoing U.S. President. In his view, Obama loves his country and tries to do the right thing. Trump, however, acknowledged that the duo disagree on many topics. Yet, he noted he “really likes” Obama as a person.

The current president hasn’t returned the favor yet, but he adopted a smoother tone after the Nov. 8 election. He advised world leaders and Clinton supporters unhappy with the result to better wait and see what a Trump presidency would mean.

He argued that presidential candidates change stances on various issues after a successful campaign. Obama thinks the reality of governing would prompt the brash billionaire to change his mind in some cases.

“That’s just the way this office works,”

he added.

Nevertheless, none of the two camps expect from the two men to develop a true friendship with so little things in common. Experts believe the recent pleasantries are just part of the two politicians’ attempt for a neat handoff.

Past Collisions

Nonetheless, the change in tone is surprising to many. Obama has almost made a personal commitment to expose the New York billionaire’s flaws in recent months. There were instances when he called him “uniquely unqualified.” And there were other instances when he blasted him as “temperamentally unfit” to run the country’s highest office.

In response, Trump deemed his counterpart probably “the worst president” the U.S. has ever had. On top of that, the real estate tycoon spent years touting the birther controversy, a conspiracy theory which claims Obama was not born in the U.S.

As a result, Obama put him in a very bad light during a White House Correspondents’ Association dinner five years ago. He ridiculed the businessman for showing up at the gala as a realty-TV show host and conspiracy theory endorser.

Obama administration officials disclosed the two leaders have had several phone discussions since their last meeting on Nov. 10. Officials refused to disclose the contents of those discussions or to assess their current relationship. They only said at least one of the calls was Trump’s initiative.  The billionaire had once said he would seek Obama counsel over the phone.

Political analyst Paul Light thinks Obama could only put his successor up to date and help him realize how resource-consuming the job really is. Another analyst believes Trump’s willingness to cooperate with Obama may be a public message that he is aware of his lack of political expertize but he tries to fix the issue.

Image Source: Wikimedia