Obama and Biden Are Coming Back…As A Series


We just got the best news ever. Sadly it’s not Trump’s impeachment or resignation but it’s just as good. The bromance of Barack Obama and Joe Biden is coming back for all of us to enjoy.

Barry & Joe: The Animated Series

Director and writer Adam Reid has made our dreams come true. Reid will be bringing back the bromance we all know and love in memes into an animated series. There’s only one problem: will it ever get off the ground? Reid has started a Kickstarter page that’s running through the end of August and he’s seeking $100,000 to launch the show. The show, Barry & Joe- The Animated Series, will feature former President Obama and VP Biden as a crime-fighting duo.

Barry & Joe: The Animated Series. These are the adventures of Barack Obama and Joe Biden bromancing the multiverse as…

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We don’t quite know what the final product will look like but Reid has stated he wants Jordan Peele as Obama and Chris Pratt as Biden. For those of you who don’t know, Jordan Peele is the star of the Comedy Central show Key & Peele as well as Get Out, and Chris Pratt is the lovely Andy Dwyer in Parks and Recreation, Peter Quill (Starlord) in Guardians of the Galaxy, and Owen in Jurassic World. The show will also feature Neil DeGrasse Tyson as himself as the Hayden Planetarium director. We don’t know about you, but that’s a pretty great deal to us.

The Reasoning For its Inception

Reid said he wanted to make the show for anyone who seriously misses the 4tth president and his companion.

“[It’s] an adult animated sci-fi sitcom. A parody of Quantum Leap and countless other 80’s TV classics,” Reid writes.

“Every episode will follow Barack and Joe as they leap into the past and change a part of history,” he adds. “[It’s for] people who miss Obama and Biden as much as we do. Anyone on the left side of the political spectrum who isn’t afraid to question everything they know about America.”

The Kickstarter campaign has a while to go to fund the pilot episode. Only $26,000 has been raised so far, which is only about a quarter of the goal. Reid says the coat will cover “storyboards, recording, animation, and sound design.” We think he also forgot to add the exorbitant price of hiring the famous actors.

Source: The Hill