CNN Commentator Rudely Blames President Obama For ‘Trump’s Awfulness’

President Barack Obama

A CNN commentator thinks former President Barack Obama is to blame for Trump’s recent attack on MSNBC’s host Mika Brzezinski. Twitter immediately caught fire.

Um…what? Oh please, just try to give us some evidence as to how this was even possible.

Let’s Just Blame Obama

On Thursday morning, the president took to Twitter to blast the Morning Joe host at the same hour the show was airing. After saying that Brzezinski begged him to give her an interview around the New Year’s Eve holiday, he added that she was bleeding badly from a face-lift at the time.

Fox News praised the president for not allowing others to “bully” him, the White House naturally defended him, saying that he had every right to defend himself against the “outrageous attacks that take place” on the MSNBC show, and now CNN pundit Matt Lewis thinks that Trump’s comments are part of a trend started by Obama

Lewis posted a link to a tweet from The Washington Post’s Dave Weigel who blamed Obama of “embarrassing America” by speaking to Zach Galifianakis. Lewis admitted that Trump hit a “new low” but the trend was Obama’s work.

Obama ‘Destroying Norms’

Surprisingly, Lewis is not a Trump apologist. He criticized the president many times in the past as a pundit for CNN and The Daily Beast. However, in a second tweet he basically said we should “blame Obama for Trump’s awfulness”. What a total f…I’ll stop there before this becomes vulgar.

He was making a reference to an interview with a YouTube personality several years ago when he tried to lure in more audiences to politics. In other words, Obama was trying to get normal folks more engaged in politics at the time Republicans were attacking minorities’ voting rights, and destroying norms themselves. I mean after all, what President attacks people on Twitter? Just goes to show, you can’t fight idiocy with more idiocy.
Image Source: Obama White House