This GOP Plan Is Going to Cause a Humanitarian Disaster

Obamacare protest

Republicans have decided to eliminate Obamacare entirely, and the cost to each American taxpayer would be astronomical. President Trump tweeted Monday that the GOP should just repeal ‘failing’ Obamacare and replace it later with a new healthcare plan that is built from scratch.

The president is confident that this way, Democrats will join in.

Transition Period Would Last 2 Years

McConnell recently unveiled that the Senate plans first to repeal and then replace. The time in between would be a “stable, two year transition period,” McConnell promised and added that the new plan would be “patient-centered.”

However, the Congressional Budget Office, a nonpartisan agency that analyzed the blueprint of the GOP’s healthcare reform plan noted that the new plan would be anything but patient-centered or stable.

In fact, the costs of the new plan will be extremely burdening for every American if Trumpcare passes. According to the CBO, the number of uninsured Americans would jump by 18 million under the new plan in the first year. After the GOP completely slashes the Medicaid expansion and federal subsidies for insurance markets, the number could reach 27 million, and 32 million a decade later.

Premiums Could Skyrocket

Under the new plan, premiums for individual policies bought directly on the marketplace or from insurance companies would jump 20% in the first year. After the Medicaid expansion is eliminated completely, that number could jump to 50%, the CBO found.

What’s more, people relying on employers to have health insurance will see costs differ depending on the marketplace. One senator recently tweeted that a repeal without replacement would mean a humanitarian disaster as premiums would double and 32 million would be forced out of health insurance.
Image Source: Wikimedia