Obama’s Particularly Poignant Advice To Presidents


“My Next Guest Needs No Introduction” debuts today on Netflix, and we couldn’t be more excited! The latest project from David Letterman features President Barack Obama as the first “Needs no Introduction” guest. As usual, the uber-classy former president was careful not to address the Trump administration specifically.

After Thursday’s “shithole” faux pas, this advice rang especially poignant. President Obama said, “One of the things that Michelle figured out, in some ways faster than I did — was part of your ability to lead the country doesn’t have to do with legislation, doesn’t have to do with regulations, it has to do with shaping attitudes, shaping culture, increasing awareness.”

The lesson: watch what you do because everyone else is watching you. It is hard to imagine that advice came months ago when the segment was taped considering how relevant it is to today.  In private meetings aimed at coming up with a deal on DACA. In conversations related to extending protections for immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador, and African countries, the President is reported to have called those countries “s***hole” countries.

He reportedly complained, asking why the US would want to accept immigrants from those “s***hole” countries. He went on to ask why we don’t accept more immigrants from places like Norway. After such overtly racist comments, the Former President’s advice further illuminates how far the country has fallen from the integrity that defined the Obama administration.

Letterman continued, asking the former President which would be worse for democracy, a President who diminishes the press, or a “hypothetical” foreign nation interfering in the electoral process. Again, former President Obama avoided any direct indictment of the current administration.

Instead, he made the point that the Russians only took advantage of a problem that already existed in American society. He said, “What the Russians exploited, but it was already here, is we are operating in completely different information universes. If you watch Fox News, you are living on a different planet than if you listen to NPR.”

Letterman said what we have all been feeling – he wishes that Obama were still President. To which Obama responded “If it were not for the Constitution, there’d be Michelle,” to which he quickly added, “Michelle would leave me.”

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