O’Donnell: U.S. Should Impose Martial Law ahead of Inauguration Day

Rosie O'Donnell in 2008

The feud between comedian Rosie O’Donnell and president-elect Donald Trump has reached new proportions. On Thursday, the comedian tweeted she fully supported martial law to be instated in order to prevent Trump from assuming office.

O’Donnell criticized Trump for being mentally unstable and called for martial law as a last-ditch attempt to prevent him from taking the oath of office on Jan. 20. She thinks the extreme measure should delay the inauguration until the billionaire is “cleared” of all allegations.

Rossie was also upset about the fact that Trump hasn’t shown his taxes. On the campaign trail, the Republican said he couldn’t make his tax returns public because of an ongoing audit. O’Donnell idea came as a response to a Twitter follower who thought the Army should take over the government until Trump’s connections with Russia are clarified.

The comedian also tweeted Trump’s inauguration should be stopped for “the love of god”.

O’Donnell Taunts Trump

Earlier this month, she said America had less than three weeks to stop a “mentally unstable” person from taking the Oval Office.


she tweeted Thursday.

Charlie Sheen expressed similar views this week. He said he was looking forward for Trump’s impeachment. He added the real estate tycoon excels in neither accountability nor political skills.

The last time Trump clashed with O’Donnell was in August 2015 when former Fox News anchor and self-ascribed feminist Megyn Kelly asked Trump what his opinion on women was. At the time, Kelly reminded her guest he repeatedly called women he disliked slobs, dogs, fat pigs, and disgusting animals. The billionaire replied that he would call only O’Donnell that.

Trump-O’Donnell’s Previous Clashes

The remark was just the tip of the iceberg in years-long feud between the two. In 2006, the businessman attacked the former host of ABC’s “The View” after she brought up his extramarital affairs and chain bankruptcies. O’Donnell caught fire when the NYC billionaire mocked a U.S. Miss Pageant who had confessed she used drugs and alcohol. At the time, O’Donnell noted Trump was “no moral compass” to tell the woman what to do. She noted he left his first two wives, had affairs, and had kids with both of his wives in the meantime.

In response, Trump called her a “loser” and hasn’t stopped from attacking her on Twitter ever since. In Dec. 2011, he expressed his concerns she might be having a mental breakdown, judging by the number of tweets she had posted. In 2012, he tweeted he was glad Oprah sacked the comedian. He added she was a “bully” and it was always a nice view to see people like her “go down.”

Two years later, he reiterated she was a “loser” and a “bully” and added more adjectives.

In 2012, however, he wished her speedy recovery after she had a heart attack. He also told her to get well soon so they could start fighting again.
Image Source: Wikimedia