Oklahoma Teachers Totally Take Over The Capitol Building During Strikes


Oklahoma teachers are not going to be pushed around anymore by greedy Republican Congressmen and boy are they letting their voices be heard. Showing they’re in this fight to the bitter end; teachers have seized every floor of the state Capitol on Tuesday during their ongoing strike for more education funding.

Teachers and other school staff flooded the Capitol on the second day of organized strikes, promising not to go anywhere until the Republican-controlled legislature passes more funding for school resources, ABC News reported Tuesday.

More than 30,000 people, including teachers as well as parents and students, packed the state Capitol in Oklahoma City by mid-morning, according to the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety.

They’re tired of Republicans all-out assault on public education and want them to pass a tax package that would raise another $200 million for schools.

“My books were old when I was in high school more than 15 years ago and chances are a lot of them are still being used today, Oklahoma City resident Ashley Morris said by telephone from the rally. Students just aren’t getting what they need or deserve and that puts teachers in a tough situation, said Morris, whose roommate is a first-grade teacher who relies on a second job to pay her bills.”

In a most arrogant and disgusting insult to the very people who prepare children for the workforce, Oklahoma Republican Governor Mary Fallin compared the rally to “a teenage kid that wants a better car.”

Fallin told Villafranca on Tuesday that:

“Teachers want more. But it’s kind of like having a teenage kid that wants a better car.”

Worse yet, the anti-education governor falsely claimed that the teachers are recruiting people from the anti-fascist group ANTIFA.

One Oklahoma district teacher at the rally immediately shut down that claim.

“‘Yeah, I would say 100 percent no,’ said Alberto Morejon, a middle school teacher from Stillwater, Okla., standing in the shadow of the Capitol on Wednesday morning. He created a Facebook group that drew tens of thousands of members and became an organizing vehicle for the walkout. “I don’t even know who they are. What is Antifa?”

Every day, we’re witnessing an assault on public education and students at the highest levels. Education Secretary Betsy Devos is punishing student loan lenders and slashing funding for public education, ensuring that students remain in debt and dumb enough to support Republican policies. But teachers are not taking it lying down.

Featured image via YouTube Video.



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