O’Reilly Calls Putin ‘a Killer,’ Has Biting Reply to Russia’s Apology Request

Fox News' Bill O'Reilly

Fox News' Bill O'ReillyAccording to the Russian media, Moscow demands an apology from Fox News after Bill O’Reilly described the Russian president Vladimir Putin as “a killer” in an interview with president Trump. O’Reilly was quick to react and said that he was still working on an apology to “old Vlad,” but that might take seven years.

We consider such words by the Fox News company correspondent to be unacceptable and insulting,

a spokesperson for the Russian Government said Monday morning.

The spokesperson added that Kremlin wants to see an apology from “such a respected television” network. The controversial remarks were aired Sunday afternoon. At the time, the Fox News correspondent asked the U.S president whether he respected the Russian leader. When Trump responded that he respected him, O’Reilly was shocked and demanded a motive.

The billionaire said that he respects a lot of people but that doesn’t guarantee that he would get along with those people. And that can apply to Putin too. Trump also said his Russian counterpart is a “leader” and it is better to side with Russia than oppose it.

Trump is confident Russia can become a powerful ally in the fight against global terrorism.

He’s a killer though. Putin’s a killer,

O’Reilly intervened.

In response, the U.S. president noted Putin is not the only killer, America has a lot of killers, and this doesn’t make it less innocent.

Last year, a U.K. court ruled that the Russian leader “probably” ordered the assassination of the former KGB operative Alexander Litvinenko on the London’s streets. At the time, Trump said the court had no evidence. So, we should take Putin’s word for it since he says he didn’t do it, the then-presidential hopeful suggested.

On Monday night, O’Reilly had a biting reply to Moscow’s demand for an apology. He told Moscow that their “humble correspondent” was working on an apology for saying about “old Vlad” that he was a murderer. “[…] but it may take a little time. Might want to check in with me around 2023,” the O’Reilly Factor host added.

As of Trump, O’Reilly praised him for being “honest” and “straightforward” even though some people might not like his answers.

The president defended his own comments on Monday. When one reporter asked him to clarify his remarks regrading Putin he said there was nothing to clarify. He dismissed allegations that Putin had eliminated journalists and political rivals as “politically motivated and false.”

However, it is not the first time that Fox News lands in hot water with a foreign government. About a week ago, Canada blasted the network for posting a “misleading” tweet on the mosque attack in Quebec City. The country demanded from the U.S. cable network to either take down or correct the information.

Fox News’ controversial tweet said that one of the suspected shooters in the attack was “of Moroccan origin.” The news channel explained that the mistake was due to the fact the local police initially arrested a man who said he was born in Morocco shortly after the shooting. In the wake of Canada’s request, Fox News amended the tweet and the news story.
Image Source: Wikimedia