Orlando’s Pulse Nightclub Broken Into A Day After Scene Cleared

Orlando Pulse nightclub vigil
Mourners keeping vigil for Pulse nightclub victims in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on June 12, 2016.

Pulse nightclub’s owners reported that the site was broken into just one day after law enforcement officers stopped guarding the scene 24/7. The police are looking for suspects and no property was reported missing.

Reportedly, local police turned the nightclub back over to Poma family, which owns the club, late Wednesday. The break-in occurred on early Thursday, according to Orlando Police.

Rosario Poma, one of the owners of the building, described the incident as “pathetic.” He also added that he would sue the offenders as soon as they’re identified.

“I don’t know what they were doing.”

he added.

Poma and his wife Barbara first found that the place was trespassed on Thursday morning when they saw that a plywood door was pulled away. Investigators found signs that the door was forcefully opened. Nevertheless, there were no hints that something was stolen or damaged during the break-in. One witness said that only a “sick individual” could do this.

Mr. Poma said that he and his wife last checked the nightclub around 2 p.m. the day before. Around 9 p.m. when they went past the club on their way home everything seemed alright. But around 3 a.m., some of the Pomas’ employees checked the site and saw that a car door was left open. After closing it they drove off to their homes.

After more than a month, people are still visiting the nightclub day in and day out to pay their respects to the 49 people killed in the massacre on June 12. Law enforcement kept a constant watch of the place until Wednesday, as the scene was important for the ongoing investigation.

But after police left the club, they told the Pomas to pay for the site’s security. The family said that they didn’t know whether they would pay an off-duty officer for that purpose. They did say that they’ll ensure the security of the building.

According to police reports, the club’s alarm system was not triggered during the break-in. As of now, the police are still looking for a suspect and no arrests were made.

The Pomas don’t know yet what they’ll do with the nightclub after the tragic incident. A spokesperson for the club said that its owners plan to build a memorial but they still haven’t decided on details.

Orlando’s Pulse Nightclub was the scene of the bloodiest mass killing in America’s modern history. Forty-nine people lost their lives and 53 were injured. The killer was gunned down by the police.

Image Source: Flickr