‘Outraged’ U.S. Ally Rethinks Intel Sharing Policies after U.S. Leak

British police officers

The United Kingdom is the United States’ a second major ally to rethink its intelligence sharing policies with our country following a massive leak of classified secrets coming from the U.S.

British Spies are ‘Outraged’

The Brits are “outraged” that somehow sensitive details concerning the Manchester terrorist attack were leaked to the American media. As a result, the British intelligence community has reevaluated how much classified information they are willing to share with American intelligence agencies.

The scandal broke out when the New York Times published photographs of the crime scene along with the name of the suspected suicide bomber before British investigators decided it would be a safe thing to do.

The U.K. thinks the Trump administration abused its trust in the way it has handled the information. The scandal comes about two weeks after Trump leaked sensitive information to Russian diplomats during a semi-secret Oval Office meeting.

The way the president shared that ‘highly classified’ info has indirectly unveiled the identity of the state that relayed that info to the U.S. in the first place: Israel. Even though the incident did not affect the U.S.-Israeli relationships, Israel’s spies are reluctant to share other similar info with the White House freely.

The British Prime Minister Theresa May recently pledged to discuss the intel leaks within the Trump administration with the U.S. president during an incoming NATO meeting.

A ‘Leaky’ Administration

Experts confirmed that the Trump administration is “leaky.” The head of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Thomas Sanderson, noted that even though Israel and Britain are the country’s biggest intel sources, the next time they will have some info to share they would probably think twice.

Nevertheless, the strongest reaction came from the U.K. police. According to a joint statement coming from the country’s police chiefs, the sharing of the intelligence was done to defeat terrorism and to protect people both “at home and abroad.” But when the U.S. intelligence community breached that trust, the relationships, the investigations and the safety of witnesses and their families were undermined, the British police said.
Image Source: Wikimedia