Trump is Panicking: Lashes Out at Robert Mueller


As special counsel Robert Mueller is closing in on his associates, Trump recently tried to discredit him and his aides on his favorite news channel, Fox News. The president appeared on ‘Fox and Friends’ Monday to tell the nation that Mueller is “very, very good friends” with ousted FBI Director James Comey and that his team is comprised of attorneys that worked for Hillary Clinton.

Trump Thinks Mueller Should Recuse Himself

The remarks came as a response to Fox News’ host Ainsley Earhardt’s question about the appropriateness of Mueller’s recusal. Earhardt herself accused Mueller’s team of pouring money into Hillary Clinton and Obama’s campaigns.

The president blindly agreed with the recusal and complained that “virtually everybody agrees” that there was no collusion between his campaign and the Russians and no obstruction of justice by him. He added that the people Mueller recently hired are Clinton supporters, with some of them even having worked for the Democrat.

I mean the whole thing is ridiculous, if you wanna know the truth,

The president concluded.

Trump’s Claims ‘Mostly False.’

According to PolitiFact, which promptly analyzed Earhardt and Trump’s remarks, the comments are “mostly false.” Mueller hired eight special attorneys of whom only three featured as Clinton supporters. And the fact that they have worked for Clinton does not impede them to now investigate Trump under the “Rules of Professional Responsibility.”

Three attorneys who joined Mueller’s investigative team made donations to the Clinton campaign, which means that Trump spread a falsehood when he said that all of them were contributors. What’s more, none of the new hires worked for Trump’s Democratic rival directly. Two attorneys worked for either the Clinton Foundation or an employee, but not for Clinton personally, PolitiFact found.
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