Evangelical Absolves Trump to Use Nukes

Kim Jong Un and advisers

American pastor and Trump’s trusted adviser Robert Jeffress once said that Trump had a special mission from God. Now, the evangelical adviser thinks that God entrusted Trump with a mission to take out North Korea’s abusive leader Kim Jong Un.

Trump Has Authority to Banish ‘Evildoer’ Kim

He explained that according to the Bible’s Book of Romans, God endows rulers with full power to stop evil. The full power includes using all means necessary, including war.

In the case of North Korea, God has given Trump authority to take out Kim Jong Un,

Jeffress recently said.

The pastor made a case that the Book of Romans gives the U.S. government full authority to eliminate “evildoers” such as Kim however it sees it fit. Jeffress mentions assassination, capital punishment, and “evil punishment” when it comes to the North Korean dictator.

However, it is hard to believe that God would agree with Trump on unleashing a nuclear Armageddon on every man, woman, child, and living creature on the face of the Earth.

Unleashing Nuclear Hellfire Better than Drawing Red Lines

Pastor Jeffress also said that Trump resorted to the “fire and fury” threat because he doesn’t like drawing imaginary, red lines and wait for people to cross them, like his predecessor Obama did. But with his nuclear threat, Trump just drew that line, and Kim Jong Un happily crossed it by threatening to strike Guam.

It is problematic that a megachurch leader is considered one of Trump’s trusted advisers, especially when he thinks that it is ok for Trump to start a nuclear war to eliminate Kim Jong Un. What if Trump listens to the pastor and one day decides to bring about Armageddon? There are already way too many reasons to keep us awake at night. You should add this to the list.
Image Source: Flickr