Senator Pat Roberts Apologizes for Ghastly Comment

Pat Roberts talking and gesturing

Senator Pat Roberts apologized Thursday afternoon for his uninspired jokes. When discussing with a reporter from Talking Points Memo about the features which will or will not be included in president Donald Trump’s health-care bill, he made an inappropriate joke about mammograms. The republicans’ health-care plan is meant to repeal and replace ObamaCare, implemented by the Obama administration back in 2010.

Pat Roberts apologizes

Senator Pat Roberts released an official statement in which he is apologizing for his statements. He acknowledged the fact that such an important topic should never become a subject of jokes, especially such uninspired ones. He continued by saying that he personally knows people whose lives have been saved by performing a mammography. In the end, he apologized again, stating that everybody should be aware of how important are mammograms for women’s health and lives. He also tweeted his official apology.

Roberts is a person which can sometimes have a rather dry sense of humor. The reporter who talked with Roberts actually posted a message on Twitter in which she talks about his bizarre answer.

The Republicans’ health-care plan

Senator Pat Roberts was referring to the subject of the American Health Care Act. More precisely, to a change which they made to it. This recent change cut a measure which required insurers to also cover some health benefits that are considered essential. Among those were the mammograms for breast cancer detection. During an interview on Thursday, Roberts stated that not all those “essential” health benefits are really not that mandatory. His solution to the problem was to let people and their doctors choose what they think is needed for them, not force something on insurers. He also stated that this is not something so important and that people should just relax about it. The uninspired joke came when the reporter asked which mammograms should be included in this program. He simply said that he does not need them because he is a man. However, that they are worth discussing. Rep. Judy Chu also posted a Twitter message stating that cancer is “no joke”. She also mentioned the fact that the people pay for mammograms for the same reason they pay for prostate exams. Both are extremely important and should not become the subject of jokes.

Sometimes I wonder what planet we live on when we make jokes out of procedures that save lives. Not only is this not funny it is ghastly! Why would you say something like that!

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