Nancy Pelosi Likens Trump to a ‘Jerky’ Boyfriend Your Best Friend Is Dating

Elizabeth Warren and Nancy Pelosi

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi used a colorful analogy to make a point when discussing with her fellow Democrats about the odds of Trump voters to become disenchanted with their pick for presidency.

She likened Trump to a “jerky” boyfriend your best friend is dating. You know it but she doesn’t know it, and still you cannot tell her upfront because you could lose her as a friend. Instead, you should give her hints about his character and “eventually one thing will lead to another,” Pelosi said.

Gradually, she’ll find out for herself and dump him. Pelosi thinks this is the fate of Trump voters, too. Democrats should not get too aggressive in their efforts to open their eyes on the president they are so enthusiastically supporting.

So we’re not interested in losing any friends. Let them find out,

Pelosi told congressional Democrats Tuesday.

She added that those people have already “made a judgement” and it is not easy for them to just walk away from that judgment. In the speech, however, she made an eyebrow-raising comment about the white, educate women who voted Trump into office:

White educated women who voted against Hillary? They voted with their husbands on taxes and they always have.

According to election data, surprisingly many white, educated women voted for Trump this past election (44%), with just slightly more than a half casting a ballot for Clinton (51%).

Pelosi’s comments left Republicans infuriated. Matt Gorman, who is a member of the National Republican Congressional Committee, thinks Pelosi, whom he referred to as “a San Francisco liberal,” “belittles” the 63 million Americans that actually wanted a “real change” last fall.

Gorman added that Pelosi and the entire Democratic party are “out of touch,” and the recent remarks prove how hard will be for them to compete in the 2018 elections.

On Tuesday, she also voiced her opinion on the first meeting at the White House with Trump after he was sworn in. During that meeting, the president reportedly told Democrats that “millions” of votes were cast illegally, which Pelosi said was a lie.

Pelosi noted Trump tried to “charm” Democratic lawmakers and especially Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer since he probably knew she was a “lost cause.” She thinks he used that “charm” in an offensive way.

She thinks the president’s son-in-law Jared Kushner is too absent minded to be a senior White House aide. He reportedly asked lawmakers whether they were excited about “the change.” In return, Pelosi replied they were indeed excited, but about the Women’s March.

Congressional Democrats now want to pressure Republicans into forcing Trump to release his tax returns. Their latest plan is a push to get everyone vote on a resolution demanding such action once a week. Pelosi is confident that in time, more and more Republicans will distance themselves from the president and start voting with Democrats.

A plan B would be to ask the tax writing committees in Congress to demand the tax returns directly from the IRS. However, this plan needs Republican support since they need a majority of votes to made the information public. Otherwise, the returns would just be kept private within the committees.
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