Report: Pence Rages About Recent NY Times Report


Pence continues to spread the fake news love by saying the report he’s running for president in 2020 is false. The New York Times has had its ups and downs, but pretty sure we all know who the real liar is here.

Pence Says ‘Categorically False’

Pence’s office released a statement on Sunday saying the NY Times report are nothing but “allegations” and “categorically false” as well as “the latest attempt by the media to divide” the Trump administration. We’d like to know just what does “categorically false” mean? It sounds like you’re just learning big words in school there Pence and try to insert it into everything. I do not think it means what you think it means.

The Times reported on Saturday that “in interviews with more than 75 Republicans at every level of the party, elected officials, donors and strategists expressed widespread uncertainty about whether Mr. Trump would be on the ballot in 2020 and little doubt that others in the party are engaged in barely veiled contingency planning.” It also said that Pence had taken action which includes establishing a political fund-raising committee and packing what supposedly little time he has left not being VP with political events such as being the keynote speaker for the last eight Republican events. Pence called the article “disgraceful and offensive to me, my family, and our entire team.” One, your family has nothing to do with what you do, and two, get a grip snowflake. And you call us sensitive.

But Pence Has The PAC

Pence established his own political action committee (PAC), called the Great America Committee, to help raise money to get pro-Trump candidates elected. Nick Ayers, Pence’s chief strategist, told CBS News that the PAC is only for the VP’s travel expenses, helping other candidates, and it’s a “legal necessity” to “all of Pence’s political assets in an entity that he could use.” Anything else is just speculation. That sounds just outright mob-style fishy. Only 2020 will tell us the truth.

Source: CBS News