Pew Pew: The World Hates Trump Just As Much as We Do

President Donald Trump

Trump’s approval ratings in the U.S. sit at abysmal lows, but his popularity abroad is no better. According to a Pew Research survey, the president and many of his policies are “broadly unpopular” across the world too.

Trump’s Approval Rating in the World

According to the poll involving 37 nations, just 22 percent of those nations are confident the U.S. leader will do the right thing when it comes to foreign policy matters. People worldwide disapprove of Trump’s job when it comes to immigration, climate change, preferential treatment of the wealthy, the war in Syria, and the border wall.

Trump’s unpopularity with the world may be linked to the numerous diplomatic flubs during his first trip abroad since taking office, the controversial arms sale deal with the Saudis, repeated threats to start trade wars with Mexico, Canada, and Germany, and unusually warm relationships with the Kremlin.

The survey shows that 74 percent of the planet does not believe Trump has the necessary skills to lead the U.S. This belief is shared especially by the nation’s closest allies and neighbors.

Some Countries Like Trump

The only two countries that see Trump favorably are Russia, where he has a 64 percent approval rating and Israel (29 percent approval rating).  Other countries dislike the U.S. leader for mainly the same reasons he is disliked in his own country.

The survey also shows that Trump scores high as a strong leader, but fewer people are as confident that he is well-qualified to sit in the Oval Office and that he cares about ordinary people.

The good news is the world has a positive view of the American people. 58 percent of respondents have a good opinion of Americans.
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