Here’s Some Likely Picks to Replace Scaramucci

Flo from Progressive

After just 11 days on the job, Trump’s new comms director Anthony Scaramucci was shown the door after he accused the White House Chief Strategist of “autofellatio” among many others.

White House Looking for a Quick Replacement

The Trump White House is now looking for a quick replacement, and there are at least five top contenders. For instance, actor Gary Busey could be a likely pick. Even though he lacks any qualification for a top-level position in the White House, he could be courted by the Trump staff.

Another actor, Scott ‘Chachi’ Baio, may also land on the list. He was famous in the late nineties, but not famous enough to overshadow the former TV personality turned Commander in Chief Donald Trump. Baio was recently cast in Super Babies: Baby Geniuses 2, which featured Jon Voight who shares his conservative views. Voight could also land a position in the embattled administration as a Secretary of the Interior maybe.

Another likely pick could be Flo from the Progressive Auto Insurance ads, as Trump one day may be watching Fox News when one of the ads featuring Flo comes on. He might have an Eureka moment, as Flo is hot enough to convince him to buy car insurance and, therefore, perfectly fit for the comms director position.

Douglass Should Be Recognized More and More

Trump may just as well hire Frederick Douglass, of whom he believes he is still alive, as the president said earlier this year that “Frederick Douglass is an example of somebody who’s done an amazing job and is getting recognized more and more, I notice.”

And one last pick would be a Russian nesting doll because of its obvious advantages. Since it is an object, it can be easier handled by the president than people. Democrats’ congressional hearings of such dolls would take an eternity as you can never know what a cluster of wooden dolls has in store. Plus, the dolls cannot open their mouths, so Trump’s secrets are safe with them, unlike with his current administration officials.
Image Source: Flickr