Pittsburgh Mayor Slams Trump for Citing City to Back His Climate Agenda

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto

Pittsburgh’s Mayor Bill Peduto had a sharp reaction to Trump’s recent climate speech in which he justified his withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement by saying that he was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris.

Pittsburgh’s Democratic Mayor’s Reaction

In an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Peduto reminded the president that the city overwhelmingly voted for Clinton. “The city of Pittsburgh voted for Hillary Clinton with nearly 80% of the vote,” the mayor told Blitzer. Peduto thinks the president probably wanted to mention Western Pennsylvania as a whole, but citing Pittsburgh was a “far cry.”

Pittsburgh is a blue dot on the red map of Western Pennsylvania, and so is the Allegheny County which hosts the blue city. The mayor told CNN that he was ‘outraged’ by the president’s speech.

Peduto also reminded the president that his city used to be just like China – the smoke was so dense that streetlights had to stay on all day long. But carbon reduction measures helped address the issue and clean the city’s air.

The Democratic mayor pledged to continue with the carbon reduction goals. He believes that is the cities’ job to keep carbon emission in check, not the federal government’s.

Pittsburgh Poised to Follow Paris Accord’s Guidelines

When a CNN reporter asked Peduto whether he had something to tell the President, he said that canceling the climate accord was bad not only for the economy of the U.S. but for America’s standing in the world.

Peduto took to Twitter to further distance his city from the President’s latest musings. He underlined that the only countries that refused to sign the accord were Russia, Syria, and Nicaragua. He concluded that Pittsburgh stands with the rest of the world and will stick to the Paris deal’s guidelines.

Image Source: Flickr

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