Political Propaganda: Trump Attacks 1st Amendment With These

Presidential candidate Donald Trump in 2016

Nothing like political propaganda before the next election has even started. A political action committee has decided to make bumper stickers. The problem is, those stickers support President Trump and VP Pence.

Fight the Fake News

These bumper stickers from the PAC are to support Trump’s reelection campaign for 2020. You’ve been in office for only half a year and decide it’s time to start campaigning? How about you decide to correctly do your job first and focus on America like a REAL president is supposed to do. The fundraising email reads, “It’s up to us to get things done and drain the swamp in Washington. I have been listening to the REAL America, and I know you’re with me.” It concludes with “The Fake News Media is the real opposition.”

One of these vial stickers can be obtained by donating, starting at $1. One one hand, we’d like to get a massive amount and make a bonfire with them. On the other, that would be giving Trump our money which is something he doesn’t need. Trump has recently attacked the “fake news” again about the recent reports of the secret dinner meeting with Russian President Putin at the G-20 Summit.

Except you forgot to add the press were not allowed into the dinner even though this was publicly on your schedule, and the other world leaders had no idea why you sealed yourself away with Putin for at least an hour. Trump talked to Putin without talking to any American allies during the dinner. Trump has forgotten or either hasn’t read the Consitution since the 1st amendment states freedom of the press. He has done nothing but take that away from the American press and only pushed the envelope even more by not allowing the press at this dinner and then having a secret 2nd meeting with Vladimir Putin.

A poll released on Thursday revealed that neither parties trust the media anymore. 31% of Democrats and 8% of Republicans say they trust the news media to be “very accurate.” Well, nice to know we’re 100% accurate with some snark added in.

Source: The Hill