Poll: Americans Disapprove of Trump’s Charlottesville Response

President Donald Trump

Trump’s ill-conceived response to the Charlottesville attack drew a wall of criticism ruined his last week even though the damage was as usual, self-inflicted. Last Tuesday’s bizarre press conference added fuel to the fire, with critics accusing him of moral ambiguity since he compared white supremacists to far-left protesters present at the rally.

Trump Facing More Unflattering Poll Numbers

The last week performance pushed poll numbers even lower. According to an ABC News/WaPo poll, 56% of Americans disapproved of his response to the attack, with just 28% approving of the response. Disapproval rates climbed to 66% among those with a first-hand experience of what happened during the attack.

The poll also found that 45% of respondents are not happy with his job performance, with 22% strongly approving the performance. The approval rating stands at the lowest level since he was inaugurated. In April, his approval rating was 5% higher.

The sharpest declined occurred among his base with minus 11 percentage points among strong conservatives, minus 11 percentage points among Republicans, and minus nine percentage points among whites.

Trump Less Popular with Women

The most surprising thing is the gender gap within the Republican base. Currently, 46% of Republican men support Trump with just 22% of Republican women supporting him. The 18% gap is the largest in his presidency, and larger than the gender gaps of Obama and George H. Bush, respectively.

A Gallup poll confirmed the numbers and the gender gap, with 43% of men and 29% of women being content with Trump’s presidency and overall performance. This is the lowest level regarding women since Dwight Eisenhower. The next lowest approval rating among women happened during the Bill Clinton presidency.
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