Poll: Americans Thoughts on the Issues of Racism

Black Protesters

According to a Pew Research survey, 58% of Americans think racism is a ‘big problem’ for America. It is no wonder that under Trump, the figure has risen even more since the Obama presidency if we take into account his handling of the Charlottesville attack and public praising of racist groups like the Neo-Nazis.

Right-Wingers Blame Obama

Conservatives, on the other hand, continue to blame Obama for the racial division in the country. For instance, radio host Bill Whittle suggested this week that the left’s job over the last two decades was to divide America up into “little tribes” and pit those tribes against one another.

And it seems to me that Barack Obama’s presidency set race relations back 100 years in this country,

Whittle added.

This right-winger suggests that, ironically, America’s first black President was responsible for dividing the nation over race. It may have something to do with the shocking police shootings during his second term and the black community’s reaction to them. But Obama’s reaction to incidents related to race was generally applauded.

Racism in America 2017

Trump and Racism

Trump, though, placed a bet on racism to win the election and didn’t shy away from calling Latinos “criminals,” “drug dealers,” and “rapists.” He also encouraged white supremacists on the campaign trail and challenged the ability of a “Mexican judge” to handle his Trump University lawsuit.

Trump also vowed to resort to extreme vetting when it came to Muslim immigrants and signed an executive order to ban Muslim entries from six high-risk countries earlier this year.

He suggested the head of a gold star Muslim family was a covert Jihadist, and a few days ago, he pardoned sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was convicted because he wouldn’t stop it with his racial profiling practices of Latinos he believed were undocumented. But none of that matters since it’s always Obama’s fault.
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