Poll: Americans Talk Obamacare

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No one can deny the fact that the GOP’s healthcare reform plan is on life support, and half of Americans think that it is better to pull the plug on it. According to a new poll, fewer Americans support the Republican agenda when it comes to healthcare than back it.

Americans Prefer Obamacare

When respondents were asked what they would prefer: Obamacare or Trumpcare, the survey revealed a massive imbalance. By a two to one margin, Americans said they would rather maintain Obamacare, than taking a huge risk when getting coverage under Trumpcare.

Americans are upset; the Republican healthcare overhaul plan is killing Medicaid and offering America’s ultra-rich substantial tax cuts.

When pollsters asked: “What do you prefer: the current federal health care law, known as Obamacare, or the Republican plan to replace it?,” half of the respondents said Obamacare, while just 24% of respondents voiced support for Trumpcare.

What’s more, 37% “strongly preferred” President Obama’s signature healthcare overhaul plan, with just 17% “strongly preferring” the GOP’s plan.

Independents Oppose the GOP Bill Too

The recent ABC News/Washington Post poll should spark some soul searching in the hearts of Republicans. The Post also found that Independents oppose their health bill on a two to one margin while even Trump’s base is divided over the issue.

Pollsters noted that only evangelicals, white men, Republicans, and conservatives without a college degree think Trumpcare is better than the current law. Other groups surveyed such as white women and the elderly without higher education, which is a critical voting base for Trump, said they support Obamacare.

According to The Hill, just 59% of Republicans back the GOP’s health law, with 11% backing Obamacare, and the rest being undecided. Also, 63% of Americans agree that the GOP should focus more on helping lower-earners get access to healthcare than cutting taxes for the rich.
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