Eye R Smartz: Republicans Think College Is Bad For Americans in New Poll

College students

As of recently, the GOP has been attacking higher education in an unprecedented way. The reason for their hatred is that colleges and universities represent “safe spaces” for liberals’ sensibilities.

More and More Republicans Think Higher Education Is Bad

However, their assault on higher education has been ongoing for decades, and a new Pew Research poll shows how far this assault has gone. According to the survey, as many as 58% of Republicans claim that colleges have a “negative effect” on the way things are going in America.

Pollsters noted that the new figures represent a significant increase from 45% of Republicans agreeing with the same assertion a year ago. Just 33% of Republicans think higher education institutions can have a positive effect on America.

On the other hand, 72% of surveyed Democrats believe these schools can have a positive effect, while one in five Democrats thinks they may have a negative effect. The latter number is still very high among Democrats, but not as high as the Republicans’ figures.

Council on Foreign Relations’ Max Boot noted that the hatred of the GOP against higher education institutions had been a GOP brand for a long time. Republicans have undermined higher education since the Eisenhower era.

Republican Leaders Pretending to Be Dumber than They Are

Boot thinks that one of Republicans’ major tactics is to pretend that they’re dumber than they really are to lure in the common man. This strategy enabled them to lash out at intellectuals and snobs in a race for the common folks’ votes. The expert noted that George W. Bush, Nixon, and Reagan have all employed that strategy.

“Those leaders were not themselves actually stupid or ignorant,”

Boot said.

For this reason, the Democratic Party is increasingly more appealing now to college graduates than ever. Hillary Clinton won college graduates last year by 8.5% when compared to Barack Obama.
Image Source: Wikimedia