The President Has A Credibility Problem


The POTUS has a problem – a credibility problem. Part of the issue is his lies. They are constant. It is his default. Reports say that he lies as often as 5 to 6 times per day in public comments. That doesn’t account for the dozens he probably tells behind closed doors.

Another part of the problem is his inability to stay committed to a position. The joke is, President Trump’s position depends on who he spoke to last. Mitch McConnell spoke to the press today. When the reporters asked if the Senate has come up with a bill on DACA, he said, “Once we figure out what the president wants, I am sure we will have a bill ready.”


Last week for what amounted to little more than a publicity stunt, the President invited a bipartisan group of lawmakers into a meeting along with the media. The cameras rolled for 55 minutes and documented the President saying he wanted to make a deal, it should be bipartisan, and even, to the ire of his Republican colleagues, accidentally agreed to the notion of a clean DACA bill, no strings attached.

Days after his show for the cameras, the President held a private Oval Office meeting with Republican lawmakers and Democrat Dick Durbin (D-IL). In that now infamous meeting, the President let his racism show asking why the US allows immigration from “s***hole countries” about African nations and Haiti. He also said of Haitian immigrants “take them out,” and pined about his desire for more immigrants from Norway.

It is this type of inconsistency that eviscerates any credibility the President has with lawmakers who see he is not interested in governing or deal-making.

Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said of the President’s negotiating abilities, “It seems the president has only two ways of negotiating. Either he commits to a deal one day and then betrays his word the next, which is what happened last year after Leader Pelosi and I met with the president on DACA, or he even dismissed the possibility of a compromise and said a bipartisan deal is that he gets everything he wants.”

Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) said: “For bipartisanship, you have to stick to the same position for more than a couple hours.” Senator Lindsey Graham, careful not to criticize the President too harshly, showed the frustration among Republicans when he said, “You can’t fix this problem without the president. I think he does [want a deal]. … He’s poorly served by his staff. I think that the guy [last] Tuesday was contrary 180 degrees different from the guy I saw Thursday. I think it’s staff.”

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