President Donald Trump Just Avenged “Low-Life Leakers” MUST PAY

pissed off trump

President Donald J. Trump lashed out at Democrats on social media and we’re all sick of this nanny-nanny boo nonsense.

According to The Hill, President Donald Trump tweeted:

The Democrats had to come up with a story as to why they lost the election, and so badly (306), so they made up a story – RUSSIA. Fake news!

FAKE NEWS media, which makes up stories and “sources,” is far more effective than the discredited Democrats – but they are fading fast!

Top U.S. intelligence officials report Russian intelligence tried to cripple Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton while boosting Republican Donald Trump through email hacks.

Trump alleges the Kremlin had something to do with it.

“As far as hacking, I think it was Russia,” he said.

Meanwhile Steve Bannon—I mean—Breitbart posted:

President Donald J. Trump has had enough of the “criminal acts” going on under his nose.

He reacted to ongoing news stories surrounding the resignation of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. Intelligence sources leaked transcripts of his phone calls with Russian officials.

He vows to find the “low-life leakers.”

“They will be caught!” President Donald J. Trump wrote on Twitter on Thursday morning, Feb. 16. He wants a formal apology from The New York Times.

“Leaking, and even illegal classified leaking, has been a big problem in Washington for years,” Trump said. “It’s a criminal act, and it’s been going on for a long time before me, but now it’s really going on.”


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