The President’s Tweets Are Evidence in Court Battles


President Trump is known for many things, perhaps the top of the list is his prolific use of Twitter. Trump loves to tweet; he is especially fond of early morning twitter tirades that are sure to leave his aids pulling their hair out.

While the President’s Twitter account provides the country with a window into his mind, albeit a troubling look, the President’s tweets are also official Presidential communications and can be used in court.

On Tuesday, President Trump tweeted Tuesday calling the now infamous dossier compiled by a former British MI-6 agent with information about Trump “bogus.”

That Tuesday tweet has already found its way into a court battle. In this particular case, every time the President tweets negatively about the dossier, calling it fake or bogus or other such comments, the tweet is used to argue that the government’s summary of the credibility of the dossier should be released.

Lawyers are looking for the official government information about the Trump dossier. In an attempt to access that information, the lawyers argue that Trump’s tweets about the “bogus” dossier could be seen as an acknowledgment that the dossier was investigated by the intelligence community and that the findings were given to President Trump.

The James Madison Project along with Politico, have been trying for nearly an entire year to get the FBI, NSA, and CIA to release the 2 page summary of the dossier that they gave to then President-elect Trump a year ago. Trump’s tweets may help them in their effort.

The Dossier is not the only place where Trump tweets have found their way into the courtroom. Trump’s tweets have made their way into arguments ranging from the dossier to immigration policy, to the travel ban to the decision over who will lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Trump tweets have been used to show that the President’s travel ban was always intended to be a Muslim ban. These cases and this President’s insatiable twitter appetite may serve to create a new legal precedent.

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