Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and POTUS Donald Trump Agree on … Women?


President Donald Trump ran his campaign, in part, on his promise to build a wall between Mexico and the United States.

For Canada, he has other plans.

“We have before us the opportunity to build even more bridges and bridges of cooperation and bridges of commerce,” said President Trump in a press briefing at the White House on Feb. 13.

Prime Minister Trudeau said America and Canada, guarded by respect and neighborly relations, serve as an example of how to be good neighbors.

“Relationships between neighbors are complex, and we won’t always agree on everything,” said Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who had an unusually close relationship with former President Barack Obama, and has been a staunch critic of President Trump,” but because of our deep respect for one another we’re able to navigate those complexities and remain the closest of allies and friends. Make no mistake, at the end of the day Canada and the U.S. will always remain each other’s most essential partner.”

That’s in part because 35 states list Canada as America’s largest export market and $ 2 billion dollars in two-way trade happens every day. Reciprocal trade was important to both leaders.

“We understand in matters of commerce that having jobs and trade right here in North America is better for the United States, and is also much better for Canada,” said President Trump. “We should coordinate closely and we will coordinate closely to protect jobs in our hemisphere and keep wealth on our continent and to keep everyone safe.”

President Trump promised to work together with Canada in their “many shared interests” which includes a stronger trade relationship. Additional interests include safe, efficient, and responsible cross border travel and migration, and domestic and international security.

The Canadian Prime Minister said both countries have similar goals: to ensure hard working people can go to work at a good job, put food on the table for their families, and save up to take a vacation.

Prime Minister Trudeau said the duo reinforced that they were committed to collaborating on energy infrastructure projects that will create jobs while respecting the environment and ensuring equal opportunities for women in the workforce to ensure American and Canadian competitiveness.

President Trump referred to it as “a very productive meeting” with women business leaders from the United States and Canada where we discussed, “everything we know the full power of women can do better than anybody else.”

Trump added: “I just want to say Mr. Prime Minister that we’re both focused on the key role women place in our economies and must work to address the barriers faced by women and women entrepreneurs including access to capital, access to markets, and very importantly, access to networks.”

President Trump and Prime Minister Trudeau have created the Canada/United States Council for the Advancement of Women Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders to ensure women have access to the same opportunities as men while prioritizing the support of senior women business leaders and entrepreneurs.