Conservative Naval War College Professor is Fox News’ Worst Nightmare


Tom Nichols is the target demographic for FOX News. He is older. He is white. He is a conservative. He is also a Naval War College professor in Rhode Island.

Fox News’ Worst Nightmare

He is their target demographic.

Rawstory reports on how Nichols has become the ultimate thorn in their fear-generating agenda:

The most powerful right-wing media platform, of course, is Fox News — and Nichols recently posted a lengthy Twitter thread explaining how the conservative news network serves as an addictive drug for elderly Americans who are frightened about the pace of change in the United States.

I had a convo recently with someone whose father is completely addicted to Fox. I think it provides old people with a vessel for expressing rage about the world changing in ways they can’t control, and puts names on what would otherwise be ‘just the way the world is.'”

Nichols recently posted a lengthy Twitter rant explaining precisely why he abandoned Trump in 2016. His long history of voting Republican lost to the fear-mongering that caters to the older, white FOX demographic.

Twitter: Tom Nichols

Twitter: Tom Nichols

Twitter: Tom Nichols

Nichols hammers home the damage being done to their demographic by confirmation bias

Fox knows their viewers are terrified and they provide the enemy they need — and that enemy is not change. The enemy Fox manufactures ironically provides comfort for their viewers.

Whether the enemies are Mexicans, Democrats, Black Lives Matter or the LGBT community it serves a purpose.

That enemy prevents their older white viewership from having to face reality in the mirror. It guarantees that their cognitive dissonant will continue to be justified daily.

Rawstory sums up Nichol’s rational concern this way:

Nichols in particular notes how Fox makes its elderly viewers feel more comfortable by, paradoxically, filling them with paranoid delusions. This works, he says, because they feel safer believing that there’s a single, malign force that is behind changes to society that they don’t like, rather than simply a gradual evolution of cultural mores.

Nichols concludes by saying that while he sympathizes with older people being dismayed by watching the world change so quickly, he doesn’t think it’s good for them or anyone else to have a network that specializes in pumping them full of fear 24 hours a day.

Manufacturing fear for profit is the cornerstone of FOX. FOX is not news. FOX is psychological warfare to create monsters that terrify elderly white folks.

And it is dangerously effective.

Featured Image by Olichel via Pixabay.