NYPD Busts Russian Prostitute for Trying to Extort Ex-Gov. Spitzer

Eliot Spitzer in 2013

On Monday, the NYPD arrested a 25-year-old Russian prostitute as soon as she arrived in New York. Detectives charged her with blackmail on former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer.

Allegedly, the woman tried to obtain $50,000 from Spitzer to keep her mouth shut on their “trysts.” Nevertheless, the politician admitted he had a relationship with the high-end escort in July.

Earlier this year, Svetlana Zakharova Travis told the police Spitzer got angry when he heard she planned to return to Moscow and assaulted her. The incident happened in a luxury hotel room in February.

Travis, who charged her Clients $5,000 per night, flew to Russia, but this week she returned to New York.

Spitzer had to step down as governor eight years ago, after a report that he spent over $10,000 on an elite prostitute’s services. In July, Spitzer was accused he paid the woman to keep their rendezvous secret.

His lawyers said she made the assault claims because he tied ties with her. On Friday, a spokesperson said Spitzer withdrew the claims “without costs.” But that didn’t prevent the NYPD from busting the curvy blonde.

Travis currently faces extortion and second degree forgery charges. The forgery allegations stem from a separate case in which she allegedly signed a phony lease contract to a client in New Jersey.

Spitzer’s separate civil lawsuit revealed the two met on February 13 in a $1,000 per night hotel room. The woman reportedly was traveling from California to Moscow. Spitzer alleged she became angry when he told her he no longer required her services and wished to “end all contact.”

The woman called the police saying she was in the midst of a breakdown. Police officers noticed she had a cut on her arm and escorted her to a hospital. The woman said she had cut herself with a broken glass.

She also told investigators that Spitzer had tried to choke her when she unveiled her plan to return to Moscow. Despite the pending investigation, she returned to Russia on that night. She never pressed charges against the former governor.

Spitzer, who is the son of a real-estate mogul, had a successful political career ahead as New York governor. But in 2008, several reports revealed he was a constant client of high-end prostitutes.

Reportedly, he had had at least seven rendezvous with luxury prostitutes over half a year. But his critics say he probably spent up to $80,000 on call girls over several years. The Emperors Club VIP prostitute ring knew him by the name “Client 9.”

In the wake of the revelations, he announced his resignation at a public press conference where his wife, Silda, was present. In 2014, Silda filed divorce after his affair with Lis Smith a year prior. A court granted Silda a luxury apartment, 7.4 million, and $240,000 per year for life.

Spitzer tried to doctor his public image while working for CNN, but eventually chose to help his father with his business. He inherited $16 million from his father last year.

Travis is now slated to appear in a Manhattan court Tuesday. It is unclear whether she has an attorney.

Image Source: Flickr