GOP Representative: Trump Should ‘Purge’ Leftists from the White House

Congressman Steve King

Rep. Steve King, a Republican from Iowa, recently said President Donald Trump should “purge” Leftists in the White House who are trying to bring America down. On Monday, King told The New York Times reporters that there is an Obama-controlled “deep state” whose sole purpose is to undermine Trump’s presidency.

We are talking about the emergence of a deep state led by Barack Obama, and that is something that we should prevent,

King said.

The representative unveiled that one of the few persons at the White House that fully understands the situation and is trying to do something about it is the president’s Chief Strategist Steve Bannon.

King did not explain what “deep state” means, but the term has emerged in recent years and it describes a rogue bureaucracy comprised of military, intelligence, and law-enforcement agents that manipulate the country’s policies in great secrecy.

In a recent tweet, King urged Trump to “purge” the Leftists within his government before they “sink” America. He explained that those officials who happen to be loyal to Obama administration are working hard to undermine the new administration and their chances of success.

King went on with the conspiracy, claiming that the fact that the Obamas chose to reside in Washington was a clear sign the former president was leading the efforts to destroy the current administration. On the other hand, the Obama family had once said they planned to remain in Washington D.C. until their underage daughter graduated high school. Plus, the Obamas will base the Obama Foundation and The Obama Presidential Center in Chicago, not Washington.

Nevertheless, King is not the only Republican to believe Obama is actively involved in campaigns designed to discredit President Trump. The president believes as well that his predecessor is undermining him. For instance, he said in February that Obama staged the angry protests outside the GOP town halls nationwide. He recently claimed that Obama ordered U.S. intelligence services to wiretap his phones in the Trump Tower.

King couldn’t be reached for comment. Yet, he is not the only Republican to ask Trump to get rid of Obama loyalists. Several officials advised the president to fire Obama leftover employees, as they might have been behind the leaks that led to Gen. Michael Flynn’s ouster and AG Jeff Sessions’ troubles with Congress.

According to a Politico report, more and more Trump allies caution him to purge his administration of anyone who still has ties with the former administration. Allies want Trump to fill those positions with people loyal to the new president.

Trump’s aides believe the sources often cited by the media when announcing a bombshell news are disloyal insiders. They claim that these insiders were behind the latest damaging leaks including the president’s heated phone exchanges with two foreign government officials.

Former House speaker Newt Gingrich thinks Trump should make the ouster of Obama loyalists his top priority. He noted that those people make an “amazing number of decisions” in the new demonstration despite being opposed to Trump.

Who do you think those people are responding to?,

Gingrich said.
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