Putin Denies Marriage of Convenience to Trump

Trump Meets with Putin on the sidelines of G20

Russian President Vladimir Putin refrained from criticizing President Trump on Tuesday after he was asked a question about whether Trump might be “naive”, also refusing to comment on the possibility of Trump’s impeachment. This comes after Trump reluctantly signed sanctions against Russia “for the unity of the nation” upon pressure from Congress.

The Kremlin was notably unhappy with the sanctions and quickly thereafter ordered the US to reduce its diplomatic staff in Russia by 755 employees, and seized two US-owned properties.

Russia’s foreign ministry was quoted referring to the sanctions as “regrettable”, as well as “dangerous”. Any hope of improved cooperation between the two nations was effectively thrown out the window, according to statements by Russian officials. The sanctions target, in particular, anyone who attempts to undermine US cyber security on behalf of the Russian government.

Putin dodged the question in the context of whether he was “disappointed in Trump”, answering “Trump is not my bride and I am not his groom”, effectively refusing to claim any personal relationship with the President.

The question did not remain unanswered, however, as Putin remarked, “The American nation, America is truly a great country and a great people if they can tolerate such a big number of people with such a low level of political culture”. Naive is perhaps not the best word. Maybe, “rude”? Definitely no relationship there.