Rand Paul Admits Amending FISA Is About Shielding Trump


The Republican effort to amend FISA is nothing more than an attempt to protect Donald Trump, and Senator Rand Paul admitted it.

After watching a report on Fox & Friends about FISA in which Andrew Napolitano alleged that the Obama Administration used it to surveil Michael Flynn’s interactions with Russian officials, Trump lashed out at the law.

Just an hour later, Trump reversed course but added that he supports a proposed amendment that would limit such surveillance.

In short, Trump supports weakening FISA so that he and members of his team can freely collude with Russian officials without fear of getting caught.

And Senator Rand Paul basically admitted that this is about shielding Trump from the FBI and Justice Department.

“Millions of Americans are accidentally or incidentally collected in this database,” Paul said during an interview on Fox News. “And we don’t want people looking into this database without a warrant. There’s evidence now that some people in the FBI had a bias against the president and tried to get him defeated while at work or discussing among each other how to have an insurance policy. We had people at the Justice Department who worked with the opposition research group hired by the Clintons.”

Paul argued that the amendment is designed to “protect people from bias,” and went on to repeat the FBI and Justice Department is biased against Trump.

Here’s the video via Facebook.


Let’s not forget that Republicans were not exactly lining up to amend FISA prior to Trump taking office. They had absolutely no problem with law enforcement agencies conducting surveillance on Americans until Donald Trump’s campaign officials got caught colluding with Russia. It should also be pointed out that Chief Justice John Roberts, a Republican appointed by George W. Bush, appoints all of the judges who sit on the FISA Court, which means most of them are Republicans themselves.

So, Trump and his supporters are attacking James Comey and Robert Mueller, both of whom are Republicans, by the way. They are attacking deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, also a Republican. And they are attacking the FISA Court, which is mostly made up of Republican-appointed judges. All to shield Trump and his cronies from getting ensnared in an investigation that has already resulted in the indictment of four Trump officials.

This is not about protecting Americans’ privacy. This effort to undermine FISA is all about protecting Trump and giving him the ability to collude with Russia as the 2018 Election approaches.

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