Bill-Blocked: Rand Paul Shuts Down McConnell

Rand Paul in 2015

After the spending package was just approved earlier this morning, it just hit a brick wall. Guess that border wall is being built on Capitol Hill first before the U.S.-Mexico border.

Rand Paul Says Nope

Sen. Rand Paul blocked Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s request early this morning to advance the annual defense funding bill.  McConnell made this request right after the Senate flat out rejected the ‘skinny bill’ and asked for a unanimous consent to proceed to defense legislation. Nope, you just got bill-blocked McConnell. Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer rejected Sen. John McCain’s request on Thursday to pause the health care debate and move on to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Schumer said no, he’ll move on to the NDAA after the health care vote.

Paul has been one of the biggest critics of Obamacare and it’s not quite clear why he flat out rejected McConnell’s request. The NDAA is typically one of the least controversial spending bills in the government’s sights. The Senate will take up judicial nominations on Monday when lawmakers meet again. “Senator Rand Paul requested two bipartisan amendments, one on ending indefinite detention and one on AUMF’s,” said Sergio Gor, Paul’s communication director. “He looks forward to working with leadership and the committee to get this done soon.”

So you get a brownie point Paul, just don’t do something to loose it like, oh, vote for a stupid border wall.