What! Senator Rand Paul Is Teaching College?

Rand Paul in 2015

This fall, Sen. Rand Paul will start teaching a course about dystopian visions at the George Washington University’s Columbian College of Arts and Sciences. According to the school, the Kentucky Republican will make a comparison between several “dystopian outlooks” and current events marking the American society.

Teaching Is Paul’s Longtime Dream

The university said that when the Senator came up with the idea, they said sure because his “unique voice” could offer students an “engaging backdrop.” Paul will teach on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 8:00 a.m. and 9:15 a.m. It is unclear what textbooks he will be using.

The announcement comes a year after the Republican left the campaign trail. He is a former physician whose father also took part in a presidential race. According to sources, Paul has been dreaming all his life of teaching a course on dystopian societies, but because he was developing other “projects” he had no time for it.

The topic has become tremendously popular among young adults due to Sci-Fi series such as Divergent and Hunger Games. In 2013, Paul said in an interview that dystopian societies in novels are a reflection of what happens if a “government accumulates too much power.” He suggested the novels should be a discussion of politics.

Paul also said citizens should keep a constant watch on the government to ensure their civils liberties are protected. At the moment Paul noted “the government is not comprised of angels” and that no one is trustworthy in a government. He quoted Jefferson as saying that we should worry whenever we give the government a new power because those who seek power should not be trusted.

Paul a Dystopia Aficionado

In 2013, he mentioned the plotline in the dystopian Sci-Fi flick Gattaca in a speech. A year later said online privacy issues could soon lead to “dystopian nightmares”.

In 2015, the senator live-streamed himself for an entire day just like Congresswoman Olivia Santos – a fictional character in Dave Eggers’ dystopian novel The Circle – did when she agreed to wear a camera embedded in a necklace to record and live stream her every movement.

Though his class’ topic is bizarre, Paul is not the only seasoned politician to become a college professor. A few months ago, former secretary of state John F. Kerry said he was eyeing a partnership with Yale University for a class in global collaboration.

In the wake of Ann Coulter’s speech cancellation at UC Berkeley, Paul said Congress should no longer fund colleges with a single “set of speech.” Republicans accuse Berkeley of disregarding the freedom of expression of commenters who don’t share liberal views.

Paul recently complained that the vast majority of commencement speakers, around 99%, are liberal speakers. He added that public universities now have nearly zero diversity of thought.
Image Source: Wikimedia