Trump Considers Doing This to A.G. Sessions

Trump at a rally

The relationship between President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions seems to be turning increasingly sour. After criticizing Sessions on Twitter and talking to his aides about possible replacements, Trump’s latest blow is his consideration to make a recess appointment to remove the attorney general.

Trump Held Private Discussions On the Matter

It’s no secret that President Trump is furious at Sessions for recusing himself from the Russia investigation. Trump has previously called him “weak” and “beleaguered” for not turning his attention to Hillary Clinton and her alleged affairs with Russia. In addition, the president blamed Sessions’ actions as the precursor to the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller to head the investigation on the accusations of collusion.

On Wednesday, Trump fired at Sessions again and included acting FBI director Andrew McCabe:

Now there is the talk of Trump speaking privately with his advisers of the possibility of making a recess appointment to replace Sessions. The move would enable him to sidestep the Senate as the Russia investigation continues. However, White House officials said that the president has no immediate plan of action and is only considering the option.

What Is Expected of Sessions?

As of now, the messages from the White House are still confusing. Some advisers are under the impression that Trump is surely going to remove Sessions. Others have advised the president that it is better for Sessions to resign rather being fired. No one seems to be sure if the president is merely venting or indeed has a plan of action. Sessions himself showed no sign he was going to resign.

On the other side, the Democrats vowed to use stalling tactics to disrupt the appointment.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons